I invented a new word today.

My mother has been in the hospital for 13 days, after having some strokes, and assorted other issues, necessitating surgery and a blood transfusion.  She is to be discharged tomorrow.

Knowing that she was being cared for today, and feeling as if I didn’t need to camp out in her hospital room all day in case the doctors come by with some tidbits of very important data, I decided to take a last minute outing with my daughter in search of something fun.

We were searching for glees – that’s a creation of my sister… a noun I’ve never really seen used in  a plural form.

I turned to my daughter, and articulated that I hoped nothing urgent happened back home, because, you know, sometimes searching for the glees can result in gleepercussions.

She stared at me, as you probably are staring at your screen right now, trying to decide whether to laugh, or smack me.

Then we saw a bald eagle go soaring by and ate snow balls until we got sick.


I recently had some repairs done on my Volvo. As in most interactions with service departments, be it Sears or the dealership, we received a link to an online customer satisfaction survey to fill out with respect to our recent visit. I.E. on a scale of 1 to 10, how many annoying ways can we ask you if you were happy with our performance?

This particular survey, I decided to do on my tablet. Much to my chagrin, there were several questions that had a follow up: “Tell us about what you found favorable in the coffee pot.” Now, I am a fairly chatty gal, but I don’t like to be verbose using a touch screen, which is what I had going at the time.

The first question did not like my brief answer and asked me to expand. Then the second one (I didn’t think to capture the first)… You can see what my original comment was, and then the text I had to ADD to get the form to submit and move on!

volvo survey

And Another:
volvo survey 2

Guys, this is getting ridiculous!
volvo survey 3

Seriously. I will fill out your dumb survey, but let’s keep it simple, m’kay?


When I was in high-school, I was that girl who was the math and science dweeb. For all practical purposes, it was prior to the concept of computer geeks, due to no one having access to any computers. Of course, PCs were just on the horizon. I did love everything technological, and ended up majoring in computer science. All of my math and science teachers really encouraged me to go into the hard sciences, and I appreciate that more than I can say.

However, there was one other teacher, Coach. He was my English teacher for my junior and senior years. If there were subjects that could be classified as my “worst,” English and Literature would be deeply entrenched into that category.

But, Coach would have NONE of it. He always challenged us to think about things from a different perspective. I thought of this, recently, when watching The Dead Poets Society with my daughter. I have a vivid memory of him at the front of the class room reminding us that “even the president… has Passion.” (Rod Stewart – and mind you, Carter was the president at the time).

Through humor and consistent pressing, he forced me to come to grips with the fact that, in order to really succeed, I needed to be able to write substantially, as well as I would be able to develop software. In fact, during my senior year, he strong-armed me into the assistant editor position on the school literary magazine. I hated every minute of it. (Except for working with the editor who was one of my favorite people in school).

So. Thanks, Coach. Thank you for understanding that I could not stay in my comfort zone with the numbers and the equations and the symbols. By convincing me to spend some extra time in the dark side, you helped form the person I am today, truly as much as the others did.


We recently discovered a new addition to the North Alabama dining landscape – The ToyBox Bistro. I’m telling you about it, but this isn’t a critical “restaurant review.” It is just an impression of a fun little spot from an appreciative fan. I first found out about the eatery from this recent article in AL.COM.

What really piqued my interest was this quote: “Toybox Bistro is a homage in some ways to Timon’s late husband, Steve, who died five years ago from cancer. Timon said Steve was ‘an enormous collector’ who filled her house with lots of cool, high-end toys and games.”

And what a dear, sweet homage it is. I always wondered what would become of these sorts of collections. I know that my current yarn fetish will happily be consumed by my sister, but what do you do with a lifelong acquisition of all things geeky and game related? The interior of the ToyBox Bistro is filled with action figures, games and gaming cards. It is absolutely adorable and if you know any gaming enthusiasts from aged 8 through 88, they will get a kick out of perusing the showcases.

(Apologies for the crappy photos, all I had was my cell phone and it was a little dark inside.)

A wall of action figures:


Some wonderfully repurposed pendant light fixtures:


Each table top, under glass, has a collection of playing cards including Munchkin, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cards Against Humanity, etc.


The food is well-priced, well-prepared and quite tasty! They offer adult and kid friendly items such as hamburgers, hotdogs, wings, salads and various other dishes. Beer is also on tap. We tried their special “waffled mac & cheese” and found it surpassed our expectations. It’s basically Mac&Cheese done in a waffle iron – you will love it if you are one of those weirdos, like me, who loves the burnt crispy bit on the top of a casserole.


Check them out. They are next door to Sugar Belle (owners of the cupcake assault vehicle in town).

Websites: ToyBox Bistro Facebook Page; Sugar Belle