I have a cardiologist (because of a terrible, terrible family history and a couple of minor episodes over the past decade).  I am terrified of my cardiologist. He sounds like a KGB agent grilling you in a dark alley.   Well, last year, after a long haul with my mother and her cancer and, and, and, stuff … I gained some weight.  Mind you, the doctor was already urging me to lose weight. So when I went in for my annual in 2016, he let me know how disappointed he was that I was worse, not better.

I made a commitment at the beginning of 2017 to really follow through and develop an exercise habit.  Not a casual, hey I walked a couple of times this week and strolled through the mall, habit. But a, hey, I need to hit at least 50 miles per month and do some other odds and ends habit.  I am nearing my 600 mile target for this year.   I figured I would not try to diet.   Let’s cement this habit first.

So, the benefit of all that walking and hiking and swimming is that now my resting heart rate is around 51 bpm.  And, I lost 12 pounds this year.

I had my annual check up this week.  We talked about how much good my exercise is doing me.  So much so, that the doctor says, if I continue to gradually take off the weight next year, we can cut out a BP medication.  Yay, me!

So, this coming year’s commitment is going to have to be to continue to improve my exercise load and efficiency AND really start eating healthier.  We talked about that, he and I, and we both know that he knows I was lying when I said I ate pretty healthy.  He wants me to cut out the fast food.

I will.

But today, I celebrated with a fabulously retro lunch of Cheetos and Coke.  One step backward and all that, y’all!  Going forward tomorrow.


There’s not much in day to day life that is funnier than buying a bottle of Smart Water and then being unable to figure out how to open it.


I see strangers berating each other on twitter; I see strangers berating each other on campuses; I see friends and acquaintances calling people truly horrific and ugly names based solely on how one perceives the other’s political bent.   I see decent and very intelligent people walk away from any argument because they do not feel like dealing with an angry mob-fueled beat-down.  What is happening is horrifying.   We are no longer having conversations.   It really hurts to know that some who I call friend might think I really wish for poor people, or any people, to die because I have a different point of view on how certain issues should be handled.

We need to stop demonizing people and breeding this hatred.

I have made a commitment to read at least one article daily that presents a very different point of view than mine.  I will not read the first two sentences and walk away because it is an opinion that I find great fault with, or that “offends” me.  I will actually read it and try to at least understand where they may be coming from. While my mind may or may not be changed, at least I can see them as human beings worthy of basic, decent, respect.

At the very minimum, I can be polite when I disagree.


What are we angry and offended about, today, y’all?

Seriously.  Politics, and not civilized discussion, but knock-down, drag-out, political fighting, fear-mongering and out and out hatred of those who hold different opinions, is permeating everything.   Every. Damn. Thing.

Now, I understand that when you have a platform, you might want to use it for what you perceive as good and just, a means to bring awareness to your cause(s).  But, sometimes, we humans need to disengage.   I would like to relax, occasionally.  Just a bit of pure, unfettered, down-time, is needed by moi.

I cannot seem to find any entertainment outlet that will allow me the calm that I need at the end of a stressful week.   Angry politics has infiltrated everywhere.  No longer stress-free are my escapist habits.  Everything is protest.  Late-night comedy. Football. High-school football.  Sports commentary. Mindless awards shows. Check, check, check, check.  I used to love unwinding with all these things, and now, being inundated by why I might be or support a <insert-here>(racist, privileged, sexist, gender normal, massacre lover, boycotter, microaggressioneer, patriarch, matriarch, judgmental bitch, …) is making me sick.

It is exhausting.