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The text of all articles, posts and pages on this site belong to the author whose writes under the pseudonym of Saintseester. Unless otherwise attributed, the images and photographs are protected under this copyright.

The terms of this copyright allow fair use of content. You may quote portions of text articles as long as you attribute the source. You may not copy articles in full and post them elsewhere on the internet or in printed form. Any content quoted on a website must contain a link back to this site.

Graphic images and photographs used on this site come from a variety of sources. Many are used with licenses from stock photo and image services. Those licenses are not transferable; you must go to those sources to obtain permission to use the image. For images that I have personally created, you must obtain permission from me to copy and / or distribute them. You must attribute any images you retrieve from my site. No commercial use is allowed for images or photographs covered by this copyright.

The contact page has my email address. Please, contact me about copyright information.

Statement of Comment Ownership

When someone leaves a comment on my site, they own the copyright on their words. However, by leaving a comment, you are granting me permission to reuse it in any context in which the original post may be re-published. This includes, but is not limited to, publications based on this site.

I will not alter any comment. However, offensive or auto-generated comments will be deleted.

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