Here in Alabama, we take our potential snow days very seriously.  In fact, we are subjected to many a news story about how bread and milk is flying off of the shelves, because apparently, southerners believe they need those things to survive for the 1 or 2 (or maybe 3) days of being stuck at home, fearful to venture out on the roads.

I am not sure where the bread and milk requirement originated?  Perhaps, young families who have children in the house and just cannot run out of milk?  I don’t know.  I don’t remember it being a thing in Mississippi on the few snow/ice events we had.  I remember bottled water being the thing, because when it iced we tended to have some issues with our tap water supply.

Here I am, now, ruminating on last weekend’s winter weather event, here.  I did pop into the grocery on the way home the day before the expected event.  Personally, I am convinced you can determine how seriously the citizenry is taking a forecast by how much bread and milk is left on shelves.  But, I actually LOVE to peruse other people’s winter prep shopping carts.

[My personal choice of emergency grocery supplies generally include butter, flour and eggs.  I tend to have the urge to bake cookies during winter weather.  It is nothing my mother ever did when I was a kid, so I did not pick it up there.  Maybe, because my house gets so cold, and I have to hang around in it for days on end, I enjoy the heat coming from the oven as I cook things.   My other winter weather necessity is bacon.   I think the only time we cook bacon in this house is for snow day breakfast along with scrambled eggs and pancakes.  AHA! There is where I need some milk!]

Back to other people’s carts…

Last week, I watched people at the checkout.  Mind you, this takes a while when snow is forecast, because lots of extra people are at the store, needing to check out.

Cart number 1 was full of refrigerated, portioned, ready to bake cookies.  How about that?  I am not the only one who craves them.  I just make them from scratch because it helps kill time when I am avoiding productive work at home.  When I say, full though, I’m talking 8, 9 packages of cookies.  That’s quite a few cookies. Hope you have a lot of people in your house pal, because that would make me ill.   Don’t forget 3 gallons of milk to go with those yummy, warm sugar bombs.

Cart number 2 – cigarettes, wine, aaaaaand milk.  I feel for you, hon, I don’t want to be trapped for three days either.

Cart number 3 – and this was  my favorite of the day – no milk.  But 13 2-liter bottles of Mountain Dew.   And lots of Ruffles.   Now, ordinarily when I see a cart like that, my assumption is perhaps they don’t really care about the weather. Perhaps they are having a playoff football watch party at their house, and those are snacks for it.  But, 26 liters of Mountain Dew?   Really, if they were having a party, I would think there would be an assortment of different sorts of soda beverages.  So, Mountain Dew is their disaster preparedness fluid of choice.

Stay warm my friends.  Maybe we will get one more icy precipitation event this year.  They are fun!  What’s in your cart?

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