I see strangers berating each other on twitter; I see strangers berating each other on campuses; I see friends and acquaintances calling people truly horrific and ugly names based solely on how one perceives the other’s political bent.   I see decent and very intelligent people walk away from any argument because they do not feel like dealing with an angry mob-fueled beat-down.  What is happening is horrifying.   We are no longer having conversations.   It really hurts to know that some who I call friend might think I really wish for poor people, or any people, to die because I have a different point of view on how certain issues should be handled.

We need to stop demonizing people and breeding this hatred.

I have made a commitment to read at least one article daily that presents a very different point of view than mine.  I will not read the first two sentences and walk away because it is an opinion that I find great fault with, or that “offends” me.  I will actually read it and try to at least understand where they may be coming from. While my mind may or may not be changed, at least I can see them as human beings worthy of basic, decent, respect.

At the very minimum, I can be polite when I disagree.

2 Responses to “On Name-Calling”

  1. Bo Williams said:
    November 4, 2017 - 10:36 am

    It’s ugly. It’s gotten steadily worse since about 1998. It’s hard to call people out, too. But we have to.

    I usually try to point out that the world most all of us want looks pretty similar. We just disagree on how to get there.

  2. saintseester said:
    November 9, 2017 - 5:48 pm

    Yes. It is also consistently coming from people who also preach acts of kindness. Such a huge disconnect.

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