I recently had some repairs done on my Volvo. As in most interactions with service departments, be it Sears or the dealership, we received a link to an online customer satisfaction survey to fill out with respect to our recent visit. I.E. on a scale of 1 to 10, how many annoying ways can we ask you if you were happy with our performance?

This particular survey, I decided to do on my tablet. Much to my chagrin, there were several questions that had a follow up: “Tell us about what you found favorable in the coffee pot.” Now, I am a fairly chatty gal, but I don’t like to be verbose using a touch screen, which is what I had going at the time.

The first question did not like my brief answer and asked me to expand. Then the second one (I didn’t think to capture the first)… You can see what my original comment was, and then the text I had to ADD to get the form to submit and move on!

volvo survey

And Another:
volvo survey 2

Guys, this is getting ridiculous!
volvo survey 3

Seriously. I will fill out your dumb survey, but let’s keep it simple, m’kay?

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