My daughter asked me to make her something in “Auburn” colors.  I thought I might make her some socks, but it’s been very difficult to find a suitable yarn. I mean, orange and navy blue isn’t always that easy to find in yarn of any size, much less sock yarns. (I know you are shocked, right?)  Auburn orange is a fairly “in-your-face” bright shade.

This morning, I finally decided on one that is a self-striping yarn in somewhat subtler hues.


After toying with a few potential pattern ideas, I thought maybe I don’t want to do socks. In order to showcase this type of “faux” fair isle self-striping, you generally need to knit a simple sock, but those are boring. Boring!  Instead, I expanded my search horizon a little, and found some really cute stuffed animal patterns.

I asked the kid what she thought of that idea, and she loves it. So, I sat back and declared, “well I’ve found my purpose, then.” To which my husband, who wasn’t really paying all that much attention, looked up and said, “your purpose? Your purpose in life is to knit a stuffed tiger??!!?”

Um. I meant I found a purpose for this particular yarn.

War Eagle, y’all.

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