My dog, Deuce (the numbnut on the right), LOVES to watch football, as well as equestrian events, on TV.  Most of the time, he sits in front of the TV, staring intently, watching the action on screen.  But, when the kicking game is happening, he goes ballistic.

He recognizes the formations on screen for punts, kick-offs, and field goals.  It’s the most amazing thing.  When the players line up, he starts barking and lunging at the picture. Sometimes, he’s so aggressive, I think he is going to knock the TV over!

The other night, Deuce dialed the intelligence dial all the way up to 11.  We were watching a game, while he was upstairs.  The announcer called “Touchdown!”, and wouldn’t you know, that damn dog recognized the meaning and came flying down the stairs to see the extra point.

Freakin’ unbelievable.

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