Yesterday, in between soccer games, we popped in at the Whistle Stop Sweet Shop downtown to sample a bit of fudge. This cute little shop opened up a couple of months ago, and I’ve been meaning to get by. It’s a small shop, and rather than overwhelm you with too many selections, they had on hand just about a dozen tempting flavors of fudge and a good selection of other bon-bons and confections, both chocolaty and not.

I decided to try the Crimson Velvet fudge, a red-velvet concoction that is creamy and satisfying. We purchased a square about the size of a pre-cut, brownie, and I have more than 75% of the thing still remaining in the kitchen. It’s so rich, a little goes far enough.

I was quite pleased with the prices, as well. More often than not, specialty candy stores charge ridiculous markups for the quality. This candy was handmade, delicious, at a reasonable cost, and served up by a very warm and friendly merchant. Go visit; go soon!


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