I love Halloween. It has been my favorite holiday since I can remember. I love to costume it up. This year, sister was hosting another of her fabulous, famous murder mystery parties. The theme was Once Upon a Murder, a fairytale setting. Cinderella has disappeared and there is a gathering at Prince Charming’s place to find out why.


Because of Mom’s situation, I could not commit to a major role in the party for fear that I might not have been able to leave town. So I was given an extra character, and I got to dress up as the Snow Queen! I made an outfit from a recycled evening gown I bought at the thrift store about a decade ago. I’ve worn it for several events. I ended up stepping in as a sub for Snow White because she was called away at the beginning of the party due to her children becoming ill.



My sister and her family made fabulous props.


Her friends went all out in their costuming. Seriously. In the interest of privacy, I’m not posting the pictures here, but I had to share the guy who was a prince dressed as “Prince.” Genius. (Not to mention, how special is my snowflake wine glass?)


We had fun. (And yes, I had a strand of lights woven into my hair. My hair is big enough to hide the battery box.)



My sister has been in town several times over the past few months. Coincidentally, there has been a temporary Biergarten at the Space and Rocket Center on Thursday evenings, and we have been frequent visitors.  If you are a local to the North Alabama area, you should check it out. It’s free entry to the Davidson Center, and how often does one get to dine on schnitzel under a true life Saturn V rocket? The last week is October 22.

Much to the chagrin of my teenager, we also discovered how much fun the kids’ play areas are.

We also loved the book, The Martian, thus the inspiration for this hot mess. I think the pimp cup is a supernatural touch.







My dog, Deuce (the numbnut on the right), LOVES to watch football, as well as equestrian events, on TV.  Most of the time, he sits in front of the TV, staring intently, watching the action on screen.  But, when the kicking game is happening, he goes ballistic.

He recognizes the formations on screen for punts, kick-offs, and field goals.  It’s the most amazing thing.  When the players line up, he starts barking and lunging at the picture. Sometimes, he’s so aggressive, I think he is going to knock the TV over!

The other night, Deuce dialed the intelligence dial all the way up to 11.  We were watching a game, while he was upstairs.  The announcer called “Touchdown!”, and wouldn’t you know, that damn dog recognized the meaning and came flying down the stairs to see the extra point.

Freakin’ unbelievable.


At the end of two grueling weeks with my mother’s cancer planning and surgery, while killing some time between family meetings and outings with relatives, my sister and I decided we needed some pretty beads to enhance a special knitting project designed to last the duration of this fall football season.

After perusing the disappointing beadery section at the nearby big box craft store, she turned to me and said, “there has to be something better.”

Which we found. In a small, cramped antique store near downtown, that was filled to every corner with beads, beads, beads!

The proprietor slept in her chair, calculator at the ready, only waking once to remind us that each strand was individually priced. We spent a good 45 minutes rummaging through bins and bins and racks and racks of beads. When we brought our selections to pay, the lady awoke from her slumber and began chatting and telling stories at a speed similar to the inflation of an emergency raft after pulling the ripcord.

We did find out that her daughter has a lee-jit-i-mit business with a computer and everything, but this lady does not like writing tickets no siree, and her daughter fussed at her because the IRS wants her to pay her taxes and such. (We listened to this after a long, rambling tale about how in the old days folks didn’t get divorced, and some guy came popping up put of the high cotton, mmmmmmmm hmmm…).

She said my total was $14.00, so i handed her a $20. Then she tole us, she didn’t cheat the Feds, not ever, and they were welcome to come in and count her inventory (HA HA HA HA), and if she cheated, people would know it, as she peeled off a five dollar bill and handed it to me for change.