This past summer, a new pattern idea caught the eye of my sister and me.  It’s called the Scoreboard Knit Along  where one sets up a scarf, knit in the round – each row represents a point scored during the season.  Generally, two main colors (from your team) are chosen. Color 1 is used for your team’s points; color 2 for your opponents’ points.  Some people use a third color to knit a separator row between games.

I chose to use all three colors for the New Orleans Saints: Black, Gold and White. Because I wanted more variation and interest in what would be a very long finished piece, I decided to use black for the saints scores, and alternate gold and white for the opponents scores.  I separated games by purling the final rows of each.  My sister also decided we should augment these ridiculous things with beads to make them even more ridiculous! (In hindsight, I regret it because the beads catch and snag the scarf when it’s folded up.)

In this 2015 season, the games the Saints played in had a combined 984 points.  That is a lot of knitting, and because the pattern called for a mid-weight yarn, this thing ended up over 14 feet in length. At least the pattern connects the ends, so the scarf ends up doubled on itself, so the result is only 7 feet long.

ONLY. SEVEN. FEET. Hahahahahaha!



This is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever crafted, and if you know me at all, that’s really saying something. So, now, what does one DO with an 8 pound, striped, although quite cuddly and squishy, because I used nice yarn, monstrosity?

If I wrap it around my neck 4 or 5 times, it’s impossible to move, but is comforting.  Hey! Just like one of those travel neck pillows:


It’s the perfect length for a good leash:



I could freak out the children and tell them there is a giant python in the living room trying to ingest their dog!


Or perhaps, Rapunzel Hair for halloween…


We live in an old house. Maybe, this is the perfect item to block those cold, drafty doorway openings:



Hm. Yeah, it makes a pretty good straight jacket.


I think this is my personal favorite. I hate unannounced visits from people I do not know. Especially solicitors – anyone going door to door must be discouraged from coming near my place. What looks from the street much like a huge snake on the porch may deter a few annoying people.  Would you risk it?


Ah. Scarfzilla  – the possibilities are endless.



So, my sister occasionally creates a voodoo doll for the bigger games during the football season. This is “Carrie the Death Star,” named for a good friend of hers who is a devoted Cowboys fan.

I don’t really know what’s going on here, other than Carrie has escaped the Voodoo Lounge and is diving into a beer.


I, most definitely, am ready for some football!


I wonder if I can find the game on TV here?


On this date, 5 years ago, I was present at the re-opening of the Superdome, a little over a year after the horrors following Hurricane Katrina. Early in the game, Steve Gleason blocked the punt heard ’round the world, electrifying a city that had been beat down; a city that desperately wanted to feel they were on their way back. All around me, the dome was rocking at that moment.

Gleason was a class act on the team. One of many, really. I remember when he donated his signature long hair to Locks of Love.

Today, Steve Gleason was the honorary team captain in charge of leading the pre-game Who Day chant.

Did you notice that Steve is holding onto the back of Drew Brees’ collar? He had to, for support.

Today, on the anniversary of one of the most memorable Saints’ plays in history, Gleason announced that he is suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). He is only 34 years old, and that video shows how quickly the disease has changed him.

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like for anyone to battle a disease that takes away your mobility, much less a top athlete. Our prayers are with Steve and his family. If you are interested in learning more about ALS and what you can do to help, he’s started a support website here: www.team-gleason.com

On twitter, I saw this uplifting message a few moments ago. I have to agree.

“if luv heals, & I think it does, I’m on my way to perfect health. Thank you to the Saints, New Orleans and everyone’s love” -SG