How better to cover one’s preying on children than being able to have them pop pills to rid themselves of the evidence?

Also, we should expect the STD rates to rise dramatically in young teens, because why use condoms when you can toss a pack of Plan B at her on your way out the door?

I don’t usually get on a supposed “conservative values” soapbox round these parts, but I just don’t see positive aspects of allowing girls of any age, ANY, being able to get Plan B whenever they want it. This decision does not empower women, it enables the exploitation of them.


Senator Boxer has already succumbed to the temptation to politicize any and all disasters with her screetching hissy-fit imploring us to see that global warming is responsible for the recent storms that tragically killed and injured so many in Oklahoma.

Let’s keep it in perspective.  If global warming were causing a trend in more frequent strong storms, we would see it in the actual weather records.

I am trully saddened by what happened in Oklahoma, and I hope I can think of better ways to help, rather than jumping up and down with no factual data and using the event to call for passage of my Carbon Tax bill.


I am well old enough to clearly and distinctly remember the looming ice age climate hysteria of the 1970s, and how much it scared me then.  Replace the snow images in the following clip with pictures of sweating people drinking from water bottles, and you will have today’s video.


As you know, I’ve gone sensationalistic, political and commentary news-free for quite a while and have been very happy getting the bulk of my information and analysis from written media other than the big TV websites.

(ASIDE: If the 2nd amendment was only intended to apply to muskets, then the 1st amendment was only meant to apply to mechanical printing press output…)

However, the one area I generally have a need to frequent for information is weather sites. Where I live, it is kind of necessary to stay somewhat informed on a day to day basis to avoid a good drenching, or worse.

This is what I saw when I visited the weather channel today:




And the best one, SEE FRIENDS AT RISK!!!!!!

Our daily lives are bordering on the ridiculous, being fed this crap day in and day out.   Our brains and psyches have not evolved to the point where we can tolerate a daily, no…, hourly, diet of constant crisis mode.  If it isn’t weather, it’s the next big super-flu.

No wonder such a large proportion of our population looks to government entities for rules and regulations and “something needs to be done about xyz,” when we are inundated with the idea that every moment is a crisis to be feared.

Over Fearing = the 2013’s replacement for Over Sharing.

So. Tired.