I see strangers berating each other on twitter; I see strangers berating each other on campuses; I see friends and acquaintances calling people truly horrific and ugly names based solely on how one perceives the other’s political bent.   I see decent and very intelligent people walk away from any argument because they do not feel like dealing with an angry mob-fueled beat-down.  What is happening is horrifying.   We are no longer having conversations.   It really hurts to know that some who I call friend might think I really wish for poor people, or any people, to die because I have a different point of view on how certain issues should be handled.

We need to stop demonizing people and breeding this hatred.

I have made a commitment to read at least one article daily that presents a very different point of view than mine.  I will not read the first two sentences and walk away because it is an opinion that I find great fault with, or that “offends” me.  I will actually read it and try to at least understand where they may be coming from. While my mind may or may not be changed, at least I can see them as human beings worthy of basic, decent, respect.

At the very minimum, I can be polite when I disagree.


What are we angry and offended about, today, y’all?

Seriously.  Politics, and not civilized discussion, but knock-down, drag-out, political fighting, fear-mongering and out and out hatred of those who hold different opinions, is permeating everything.   Every. Damn. Thing.

Now, I understand that when you have a platform, you might want to use it for what you perceive as good and just, a means to bring awareness to your cause(s).  But, sometimes, we humans need to disengage.   I would like to relax, occasionally.  Just a bit of pure, unfettered, down-time, is needed by moi.

I cannot seem to find any entertainment outlet that will allow me the calm that I need at the end of a stressful week.   Angry politics has infiltrated everywhere.  No longer stress-free are my escapist habits.  Everything is protest.  Late-night comedy. Football. High-school football.  Sports commentary. Mindless awards shows. Check, check, check, check.  I used to love unwinding with all these things, and now, being inundated by why I might be or support a <insert-here>(racist, privileged, sexist, gender normal, massacre lover, boycotter, microaggressioneer, patriarch, matriarch, judgmental bitch, …) is making me sick.

It is exhausting.


“But there is another temptation which we must especially guard against: the simplistic reductionism which sees only good or evil;” — Pope Francis, September 24, 2015


After Tuesday’s speech given by the president on climate and what he’s calling “carbon pollution” (not really a thing, but who needs facts, amiright?), the white house posted some information on their blog about the issues facing states due to climate concerns here: www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2013/06/26/state-state-reports-president-obamas-plan-cut-carbon-pollution-and-prepare-consequen#states

Out of curiosity, I went over to read Alabama’s report. One alarming statement indicates: “In 2011, power plants and major industrial facilities in Alabama emitted more than 100 million metric tons of carbon pollution—that’s equal to the yearly pollution from more than 22 million cars.”

Needing some scale to think about this on, I decided to visit the California page to see what theirs had to say: “In 2011, power plants and major industrial facilities in California emitted more than 100 million metric tons of carbon pollution metric tons of carbon pollution—that’s equal to the yearly pollution from more than 21 million cars.”

Dude. In Alabama 100 million metric tons equals more pollution than the same number does in California. That ain’t science. That’s magic. Not only that, but I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Alabama has the same amount of power plants and major industrial facilities as a state as enormously populated as California.

Then, I found out, through reading other comments on the state fact sheets, that the white house believes that Hawaii had natural disaster declarations in 31 counties but there are only 5 counties in that state. Looking through some of the other reports, both Montana and Missouri also had disaster declarations in 31 counties.

I know that most people are going to take the hype and hysteria at face value. But, this report that came out was obviously produced using a bunch of “cut and paste” effort, with no real rigor to ensure they got it right. How can we ever trust them to get the solutions correct if they can’t proof their own reports? They just want to terrify people into giving carte-blanche to tax and spend.

(PS – it gets funnier as every state report ties a high rate of lyme disease to carbon emissions by factories. In most cases, the alarming rate of lyme disease is on the order of 0.0001% of population. Note that your chances of being hit by lightning are 0.0003%, three times greater. But no worries, the report does not indicate that lightning strikes are predicted to go up due to coal energy).