hanging moss in tree

Spanish moss is one of my favorite things. Where I grew up and lived for the first half of my life, I saw it often. However, it doesn’t grow up in the area where I live, now. I forgot how much I missed it.


Nothing but a memory, now…


Lizzie on bus

high atop notre dame

versailles 1

versailles sculpture detail

hotel fruit tray 1

saint michel

Louvre sculpture 1

Eiffel IMG_4944_5_6


When one travels to a foreign country, it is nice to take the opportunity to just sit back and observe the culture.  It is quite easy to get caught up in the tourist hubbub and forget to relax and watch, though.

I remember wondering if I would stick out as a fat American.  While I did seem to blend in with the other locals my age, size wise, I certainly did not see any obese people.  Not a one.  Not even tourists.  Of course, Paris is not an accessible city for the physically unfit, so perhaps it was my choice of transportation modes (Metro, hoofing it, and buses) that kept me segregated from some of the heavier folks.  Still, I was surprised.

After a few meals, I wondered how on earth a people who eat nothing but bread, butter, cheese and eggs manage to stay so thin!  It lends quite a bit of credence to the fact that a lifestyle opposite the sedentary American way naturally heightens physical fitness!    I did not see a single gym.  LOL.

One other glaring difference between our cultures:  the French are refreshingly natural.   No tattoos, no breast implants, very few piercings (and subtle for the most part).   They are comfortable with themselves, no doubt.   In my mind, that is a quality worth striving toward.