It’s no secret that baseball is my second favorite sport, next to Saints football. I can pretty much watch a game between any two teams and enjoy myself. Over the past years, however, I’ve not been a big fan of college baseball because it seemed so much like they were just slamming the ball as hard as they could. The aluminum bats that were used over the past decade or two made that style of play possible.

If you look over series past, you see a lot of scores like 11 to 7, 19 to 10 and so on. Of course it did help force the development of more elusive style pitchers in the vein of Maddox.

This past year, though, NCAA changed the bats to dull them. Combine that with larger stadiums and college ball has shifted back to a style a little closer to the majors. The teams have been forced to return to using strategy over brute strength. It showed in the UCLA-LSU game two nights ago, where UCLA strictly relied on the short game and out-maneuvered their opponent by a score of 2-1. It was a fantastic game, even though the team I was pulling for was on the losing end.

I like this new game much better than the home run derbies. Not boring at all.

Professional tennis can take a page from this lesson. Tennis used to be a game of serve and volley, coming into the net and forcing critical plays. Over the past few decades, however, the players use much larger racquets. Tennis has become a long game, where the players bash the shit out of the ball, baseline to baseline until their opponent makes a mistake. Boring.

Return to the fundamentals in everything you do. You will be better for it. Bigger, Better, Faster, More is for the past. Craftiness, Stealth, Cunning, Strategy is for the future.


I started the day after Memorial Day with a dreadful case of debilitating anxiety. It’s been rather crippling, suffice it to say, without going into details.

When I was younger, much younger, in my 20s, I used to have periodic bouts of this sort of mental fatigue that tends to disproportionately magnify problems and diminish my capacity to solve them. The only way I can imagine explaining it is that it is near mental paralysis. Not only can I not make decisions, I can’t even reason through the problem solving process.

It’s a combination of things that hit me all at the same time causing this, and I know, based on past experience, that it will dissipate eventually and I will get back to normal. However, I believe, masked in all of this anxiety, I’ve also had a pretty bad virus. This realization came to me when I discovered I had a fever yesterday, along with the aches and pains, and everyone at work basically told me I looked like shit and to please go home.

So, I did. I still don’t feel better, but at least I am not fighting the bodily aches at my desk.

Then, this morning, I woke up all weepy and sad, because I realized this is the last time my boy will be playing summer baseball with his high school team, as he will be going into his senior year.

I hope this anxiety attack passes soon so that I can enjoy this last summer.


So, last year as many of you are well aware, I did the voodoo for the Superbowl, and I did it well enough to freak some people out a little.  Especially because of my uncanny ability to use the voodoo doll right before something good happened for the Saints.  Like, when the Colts were trying a field goal, and I stuck a pin in Blue’s hoof, the the kick sailed wide.  I did that.

Yesterday, I went to pick my son up from baseball conditioning, only to find him on the curb chatting with his coach, because I was the last mom to arrive.  On the way home, I asked what they were talking about.

“You,” he replied.
“Me?” (Even though I am great subject material, I still had to wonder.)
“Yeah, I was telling him about what an insane, crazy Saints fan you are.”
“Oh, okay.”

A brief lull ensued.

“Uh, Mom? I, uh, kinda told him about, you know, the Voodoo doll, too.”

Hm.  Not too sure I want that spinning around the faculty at the Catholic High.  Unless…..

“Did your coach understand that I can REALLY do it? Because, that could be handy.  You know, in a ‘what do you mean L isn’t starting today?’ sort of way.”

Then we had a good laugh as we imagined a lil coach voodoo doll complete with Jersey and shades.


We have a color prompt this week: Blue. I can work with that.

My son had a game at the ball park today. It was 94 degrees in the shade at noon. But, I really managed to enjoy the prompt in spite of the heat, haze and malaise.

They call him, “Blue.”

Focus 52 - Week 22: Blue

Team in blue, waiting their turn to take the field.

Focus 52 - Week 22: Team in Blue

The kid on the right, receiving congratulations from his teammate, managed to record all 3 outs in the first inning. Great playing!

great play dude

Now, where did I put that blue gatorade? I need to hydrate.