There’s not much in day to day life that is funnier than buying a bottle of Smart Water and then being unable to figure out how to open it.


Will this year bring new motivation in several areas of my life? I most definitely wish to spend more time on my creative side, mostly in the exploratory writing genre (i.e. blogging). I must (as per every new year) spend more time on my health and well-being, not only by improving my diet and exercise regimens, but also paying more attention to my mental and emotional triggers and attending to those areas much better.

2015 has ended with several pressing challenges in this seester’s life. Let’s see what we can jettison, what we can build on in a positive way, and what we can safely ignore for the time being.

Join me. I think it’s going to be a bumpy, but hopefully exciting, ride.

I’ve missed all y’all.


Quick tip. If your child is doing an astronomy project for science fair, in the southern winter, make sure you take advantage of every clear night, because sometimes, quite often, it rains for 10 days in a row, very close to the deadline.


I am a packrat – one who excels in packrattiness.  Often, items are added to the hoard because I can’t always decide what to do with thing that come into my possession.  Those things usually end up in a drawer, cabinet or closet, buried in boxes and bags as I declare, “I’ll decide what to do with it later.

Today, I am working on liberating myself from this junk.